Not too long ago, we told you about Aprilia’s original Tuono 660 announcement.  But now, Aprilia is providing a few additional tidbits about the new machine on their website.  In a brief flashy video, the Italian manufacturer announces that the Tuono 660 will arrive in February 2021.

New Tuono 660 details

Aprilia’s website now has a few more details about its newest motorcycle.   As you might imagine, the Tuono 660 will get a suite of electronics likely borrowed from the RS 660.  Aprilia’s website spouts that the Tuono 660 has “Digital bells and whistles.”

So what makes up those bells and whistles?  According to Aprilia, the Tuono 660 comes with “…advanced electronics that would put many superbikes to shame.”  The Ride-By-Wire throttle and electronics suite (APRC) “…includes multi-level traction control, anti-wheelie, cruise control, engine braking, ABS, and engine mapping options.  Yup, it sounds like the RS 660, alright.

The electronics suite provides five different riding modes.  Three of the settings are for street riding, and two are designed for track use.  Aprilia says that there are “plenty” of choices for all riding styles and levels of riders.  Each ride mode can be accessed using the bike’s electronic instrument panel.

Aerodynamics from RS 660

The bike also borrows some of the RS 660 styling cues and aerodynamic features.  The bike sports a wind tunnel developed design and shares the “…RS 660’s double fairing for enhanced aerodynamics.”

Tuono 660 Aprilia

To make the bike a bit gruntier off the line, the Tuono features revised and shorter gear ratios than those found on the RS 660 sportbike.

Rounding the Tuono 660’s features are a diecast aluminum frame and swingarm.  The bike’s adjustable suspension components are by Kayaba.

Aprilia is choosing to release information in dribs and drabs and says more details will be coming over the next days.  We’ll track them and keep you up to date as the new tidbits come in.




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