The Aprilia RSV4 and Aprilia RSV4 Factory have had a growth spurt. Both machines have an updated 1099cc V4 for 2021, a bump up from the 1077cc engine in the 2020 model. Aprilia also added a new exhaust. Max output is now 217 hp, and Aprilia doesn’t list a torque figure, but says it’s increased for 2021.

Aprilia was one of the first manufacturers putting aerodynamic winglets on street-legal bikes; the 2021 RSV4 models continue this trend, but the exterior-mounted winglets are gone, replaced with a two-layer fairing that moves air internally to create downforce, as well as cooling the engine and rider. Kawasaki used a similar system on the 2021 ZX-10R.

The RSV4 and RSV4 Factory get updated electronics for 2021, too. Aprilia is using a new ECU and six-axis IMU, and also updated the throttle-by-wire system. In turn, all these systems power Aprilia’s updated APRC electronics safety package, with launch control, wheelie control, leaning-sensitive ABS and traction control, adjustable engine braking and all the other benefits we’ve come to expect from our bike’s brains. Aprilia also includes six riding modes on these bikes, with three track modes (two customizeable) and three street modes (one customizeable). And, according to Aprilia’s press release, “The electrical controls are more functional and intuitive, and the new TFT instrumentation is larger and more complete.” There’s also a new LED cornering headlight system, which turns and aims into corners as the bike leans over.

Aprilia put a new, lighter swingarm on the RSV4 models. The presser says it’s “inspired by the one on the Aprilia RS-GP used in MotoGP, designed to lower masses and increase the stability of the rear end in acceleration.

The RSV4 Factory also comes with forged aluminum rims, semi-active smart suspension from Ohlins, and Brembo Stylema brakes. It’s available in Aprilia Black and Lava Red, while the standard RSV4 only comes in Dark Losail paint.

These bikes will be available in the US at end of March, priced at $18,199 and $25,999 respectively. Canadian customers will have to wait until the end of April; they’ll pay $20,995 for the RSV4, and $27,495 for the RSV4 Factory.

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