The Aprilia Tuono V4 X has been unleashed.  And it’s quite an impressive machine.  Aprilia uses the knowledge it earned in MotoGP to help develop this track only “hotted-up” version of its Tuono V4.

Tuono V4 X uses Aprilia’s racing knowledge

You’ll find many things on the Tuono V4 X that come from its racing programs.  The most obvious change is the bike’s MotoGP style winglets at the front of the machine.  Also, the bike is blessed with carbon fiber bodywork, a lighter fuel tank, an Akropovic exhaust, revised electronics, and lightweight Marchesini wheels.  All of these changes help the machine weigh in at a rather feather-like 165kg (dry).  Unfortunately, Aprilia has chosen to not give us an all-up curb weight.

Tuono V4 X Aprilia


The bike’s engine is based on Aprilia’s RSV4  1100 Factory mill.  Claimed horsepower is 221 at the crank (sorry, Aprilia didn’t provide rear-wheel horsepower).  Of course, to help the rider deal with those ponies, the Tuono V4 X comes with multiple modes to adjust traction control, engine braking, and wheelie control.

Tuono V4 X Aprilia


The Tuono V4 X uses Öhlins EC 2.0 semi-active suspension mated to the bike’s aluminum chassis.  Braking is courtesy of Brembo, with GP4-MS calipers chomping down on billet aluminum T-Drive discs (the disc’s diameter is not stated) that can be found in World Superbike.

Tuono V4 X Aprilia

Factory riders speak

In a press release, factory riders Aleix Espargaró and Lorenzo Savadori had nothing but praise for the new bike.

Espargaró is quoted as saying:

“The Tuono V4 X is out of this world. I had never tested a high-handlebar bike on the track, and I was surprised at the feeling of stability. The engine is insane, but the chassis architecture doesn’t struggle. To the contrary, the riding position and the electronics make it extremely fun. You can ride it cleanly, but you can also drift with it if you want to. It is a pure sportbike with a hooligan side!”

Aprilia on track

Adding praise was Savadori:

“It is the most fun bike I’ve ever ridden. In my opinion, the mix of comfort and performance is unique. The insane engine is also easy to manage, both for experts and novices, and the aerodynamics package provides incredible stability for a naked. I think that the Tuono V4 X has once again created a new segment.”

Deep pockets

You’d better have deep pockets if you want a Tuono V4 X.  Aprilia has set the bike’s MSRP at €34,900 ($41,700).  But that amount likely won’t be enough for you to buy one.  Aprilia built only 10 Tuono V4 Xs, and they sold out hours after their release.

So if you can find on the secondary market, you can bet that the owner is going to want far more than what he/she paid.  Exclusivity has its price.


All photo credit: Aprilia

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