Many riders lust after the sporting capabilities of purpose-made sportbikes.  Others love the performance but don’t like the often cramped and bent-over riding position.  If you are one of those people, Aprilia is unveiling a bike it believes will satisfy both kinds of people.  That bike is the new Aprilia Tuono 660.

Aprilia says the Tuono 660 naked sportbike is unique in its segment and is:

“Lightweight and powerful, with a 95 HP twin cylinder, highly advanced electronics and a chassis architecture worthy of its name.”

The Italian manufacturer claims to be the first to make a sport naked motorcycle using a technical base created for the track; in this case, the Aprilia 1000cc V-twin Tuono.  And now, Aprilia says they have used its RS 660 sportbike as the technical basis for the new Tuono 660.

Tuono 660 Power to weight ratio

Aprilia’s primary objective is to develop a bike with an extraordinary power to rate ratio.  They believe they accomplished this with both the RS 660 and now the Tuono 660.  The bike arrives at a claimed 183 kg (403 lbs*) (it’s not clear if the stated weight is a curb weight or dry weight) and produces a claimed 95 HP.  Aprilia says that this power to weight ratio is a record for its category.

Aprilia Tuono 660

Narrow waisted with more comfort. The Aprilia Tuono 660.

Comfort and control

A high power to weight ratio is a good thing.  But adding a more upright seating position and more comfort is even better.  And in that regard, Aprilia says that the “…Tuono 660 is dedicated to new riders as well as for younger riders who are moving up from smaller engine capacities looking for a high-level sport naked that can provide fun on the road and is also ready to support the rider on the occasional track day.”

Making things more comfortable is a higher handlebar that Aprilia says benefits “total control, responsiveness, and agile handling.”  The change is accomplished with a revised fork plate offset.

Tuono 660 Specifications

The new Tuono 660 retains the aggressive and sporty style of the Tuono family.  That styling includes the double fairing with an “aerodynamic appendix function” gained through wind tunnel testing.

To keep the bike’s weight to a minimum, both the frame and swingarm are die-cast aluminum.  It also sports an adjustable Kayaba suspension system.

Tuono 660 Aprilia

The Tuono 660 sports three LED headlights with a DRL feature.

The Tuono 660’s forward-facing twin-cylinder engine is a load-bearing element for a claimed small and lightweight footprint.  The powerplant uses 270-degree combustion timing for character and a well-known raspy sound.  In addition, to speed up responsiveness and quickness, the Tuono’s final drive is shorter than the one found on the RS 660.


Aprilia says that the bike’s electronics are “top of the class” and are more advanced than various superbike class bikes.  The Tuono’s electronics includes a “Ride-by-Wire electronic accelerator.”  Its objective is to provide management of the APRC electronic controls suite that consists of multi-level traction control, anti-wheelie control, cruise control, engine braking, and selectable engine maps, which work in concert with the ABS.

Display Tuono 660 Aprilia

The Tuono 660’s TFT display.

The bike’s electronics are adjustable through the bike’s TFT instrument display, and as a result, the rider can quickly make adjustments to its electronics.  The setup offers five riding modes (three dedicated to street riding and two for track days).  The rider simply chooses the option that best suits the rider’s intended riding style.  Or, the rider can customize the settings for their particular needs.

Paint schemes

The Tuono 660 is available in three color schemes.  Riders may choose from Concept Black, Iridium Grey, and Acid Gold.  The Acid gold paint scheme is an additional cost option.

Tuono 660 Aprilia

The Tuono 660 in its optional Acid Gold paint scheme.

Aprilia says you should see the Tuono 660 in U.S. and Canada dealers by the end of the first quarter of 2021.  Pricing for the U.S. is $10,499 / $10,699 (Acid Gold).  In Canada, retail pricing is $12,799 / $13,095 respectively.

For riders who haven’t lost their sporting disposition but don’t want to deal with an uncomfortable riding position, the Tuono 660 may be the answer to their dilemma.  Just as the Tuono V-4 raised the bar (and handlebars) for longer distances and less focused sport riding, the Tuono 660 could be the answer to those interested in middleweight machines.

Aprilia wants to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice sportbike handling and capability for more comfort.  And, having a middleweight sports machine in a comfortable package may be the key to open the sporting world door to a wider variety of riders.

For more detailed specifications, you can now find the Tuono 660 on the Aprilia website.

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