If you like Arai full-face street helmets but have always found the front-to-back fit is a bit tight, then there’s good news: Arai has heard your complaints, and has come out with the new Regent-X.

News of the Regent-X came out a few months back, and some journos have had test models, but much of the public hasn’t had a chance to try the helmet on in person yet. Arai had a wide range of them on display at this weekend’s IMS show, though, and it gave a chance to see what the difference was over previous models.

Right away, the difference over helmets like the Quantum-X is noticeable. Instead of having the interior of the helmet rubbing against your chin, the Regent-X has just a bit more space in there (five millimetres, supposedly). Is it any safer? Probably not. Is it more comfortable? Definitely!

Along with the usual Rickey Racer colors, Arai is taking the Regent-X into some vintage paint territory. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

Otherwise, the helmet’s got pretty much the same fit in the crown area as previous Arai lids, with intermediate oval internal and the VAS-V shield system. Arai intends this to be a slightly lower-priced helmet, intended to get more riders into the brand, but with an MSRP around $550 US, it’s still not cheap. It’s DOT and Snell certified, has Arai’s SFL construction with an EPS liner, and has D-ring closure.

This helmet probably wouldn’t be a great choice for adventure riding, although some riders do use full-face helmet for that purpose. Instead, Arai has the XD-4 still on display for adventure riders, as well as the new-for-2019 Ram-X, which many motorcyclists haven’t seen in person yet either (read the review here).

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