ARC, the British company behind the super-futuristic Vector electric bike, has turned to crowdfunding to finish raising the funds it needs to go into production.

On paper, the Vector’s design looks rad, with unique, futuristic lines. If Husqvarna was building electric superbikes, they’d probably look something like the Vector, although that’s not saying the design is derivative—quite the opposite.

Then, the proposed spec sheet looks even more wild. The raw numbers themselves are impressive: a 170-mile battery range in the city (120 miles of highway riding), 40-minute charging time, 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds, 124 mph top speed.

That estimated range is highly respectable, even though its highway range is still a bit down (typically, electric motorcycles see better battery range in the city, due to regenerative braking constantly recharging the battery).

When announced late last year, the people behind ARC also announced the motorcycle would come complete with customized riding gear that offered haptic feedback to the rider. A far-out idea, for sure, and something we haven’t seen any other manufacturer bring forward yet.

But therein lies the problem! ARC is full of cool ideas, but for now, all we have is CGI renderings, and photos of prototypes on the show circuit. Although the company has ambitious plans, it hasn’t delivered motorcycles to customers. Some big players in the automotive industry are taking ARC seriously (Jaguar Land Rover invested in ARC), but the company isn’t actually producing motorcycles yet.

ARC wants to raise money to build a 65,000 square foot factory in Wales, and it’s turning to Crowdcube to get the rest of the cash it needs. The fundraising campaign starts May 6.

Potential benefits of investment include the ability to puff out your chest and point out to your friends that yes, you own equity in a cutting-edge motorcycle manufacturer. Potential downsides include the possibility of losing all your money if ARC goes bust, as sometimes happens in these situations. Is it worth the risk? Only you can decide that for yourself.

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