Are duct tape, zip ties and WD40 in everybody’s toolkit! Should they be?

It seems the obvious thing that people like to tell you to carry so you can complete the flowchart if you get stuck on the trail

Image result for wd40 duct tape flow chart

If you are in the western world then you’re probably ok when you have gotten out of your situation and are comfortably sitting at home!

…but f you are planning to travel to the third world or on a long adventure or RTW, just a little advice, that might help you in the future

  • WD40 is not a common item to find, use it sparingly, you might not be able to replace it
  • Duct tape…all duct tape is not made to a high standard
  • Zip ties, there are two basic types, good and not so good

…I’ll explain

WD40, only use it when and where need if you think you may need it the future, in the last two years out of the US I have seen it a total 3 times and a small can was $15-20!

Duct tape, all is not created equal, not even close, a roll in the US can cost $1-$25, out of the US you are more likely to get the $1 variation, weak glue, and low-quality tape. (btw in Britain its called gaffa tape)

A good option to buy is Gorilla tape in a 1-inch roll, smaller pack size, good glue, and strong tape. The normal large rolls take up too much space for the rare times you’ll need it.

or use the wide tape and take it from the roll and wrap it around a small pencil or similar to reduce the size and you can have it in your tank bag.

Zip ties, they can get you out of so many bad situations, have amazing strength to weight ratio…but only the good ones.

There are two basic types of zip ties good high quality and the rest.

A great brand are T&B/ Ty-Rap, they have a stainless steel insert in the head and better quality polyamide and are manufactured to military spec. They cost a little more but when you need them stranded with a broken subframe in the Atacama Desert you’ll be glad you spend a couple of extra dollars.

You also might want to consider reusable zip ties if your wiring is held in place by them from the factory

Of course, other things I could add to the list is JB Weld and bailing wire but that’s a whole other topic






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