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Virtually everyone travels with a smartphone these days. I know there are a few riding with nothing or a dumb phone. Maybe these apps might make you want to upgrade.

Phone apps can be an amazing source of good information at your fingertips. They can get you out of a jam, find you a place to rest your head at night, or find that place your GPS can’t locate.

Look for them in your phone app store. Most are free. Yes, you have to type stuff to find them on your phone!

The ultimate for international travel is ‘ioverlander.’ It works on and offline, but make sure you zoom to your location before you go there so you can see more detail. It is incredible for international travel, and the downloadable GPS waypoints to put in your GPS are constantly updated. – Offline maps for your phone. Again, zoom in to make sure you have the free map downloaded

Other mapping programs are: Google maps and City Mapper

For a little luxury, Airbnb is a great app to have a lot of the time. It gives you better prices than hotels with added benefits like a garage, wifi, and a kitchen

Other similar ones are for renting short term are and HomeAway.

Not sure what to pack? Maybe Packpoint has a packing list that fits your style.

Going international and need currency conversion help? – XE Currency or Currency Plus.

Is the place you want to visit any good? Did it get good reviews? – Tripadvisor, Yelp, and Google.

If you need a little language help, try Google Translate. Download languages if you are going to be offline.

If you want to learn the basics of a language, try Duolingo or Memrise.

Once you leave the US you’ll find most of the world uses Whatsapp in Latin America. A lot of businesses use it as well. It can be a lifesaver. There are also motorcycle rider groups on Whatsapp, too.

Weather – Meteoblue and DarkSkyWeather outside of the US and RadarNow in the US for extremely accurate weather. Others are Motorcycle Weather and Weather Bug.

If you need a solid wifi connection to view sites and you don’t want them to know you are not in your home country, download Nord VPN.

For emergency services and medical advice, First Aid By RedCross or Emergency First Aid and Treatment Guide are good resources.

Camping apps: Camping and RV, AllStays, and StarWalk.


More motorcycle specific apps, try –

  • Eat Sleep Ride
  • Waze
  • Best Biking Roads
  • RoadTrippers
  • Rever
  • SpeakerBoost
  • FuelLog
  • Gas Buddy
  • Autoist
  • Riser
  • Motoeye
  • Roadtrip
  • Diablo Super Biker

And if you want your phone to track your ride, there are apps for that, too. If you’re a smartphone user, you probably already know that our phones know where we are at all times. Fortunately, our phones’ stalking capabilities come in handy for spontaneous riders who wish they had tracked that last awesome ride. Here’s how:

Android users
Get a Google account and stay logged in on your phone.
Access Google Maps and choose “My Timeline.”
Search by any day, and you’ll see approximately where you ventured.
If you use the Google Maps app as a GPS, you’ll see exact routes on “My Timeline.”

iPhone users
Get a Google account.
Log into your account and click on Google “Maps.”
Enable “Location History” at the bottom left of your screen.
Choose “My Timeline” and search by any date to view your approximate ride.
If you use the Google Maps app as a GPS, you’ll see exact routes on “My Timeline.”

And let’s not forget to check in on ADVrider while you are out there, Tapatalk is a good way to connect if you can’t do it directly

If you have any other apps you’ve used with great success and you’d like to share, please add them in the comments below.





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