Have you missed an adventure travel meet-up thanks to COVID-19, or do you expect to miss one? No worries, matey, there’s a new festival in town, and you can enjoy it from home! This weekend, the first Armchair Adventure Festival is running, bringing all the fun of overland gatherings to the virtual world!

The Armchair Adventure Festival starts Friday, April 24, and runs through Sunday, April 26. It’s got many of the same things you expect at an overlander party. There will be talks, panels or interviews with ADV gurus like Billy Ward, Sam Manicom, Simon and Lisa Thomas, Nathan Milward, Elspeth Beard, Paddy Tyson, Tiffany Coates, Ted Simon, and many others. The event is run by The Sidecar Guys, and they’ll be up to some fun and games as well. On Sunday, Austin Vince will be opening the day with them, and presenting an adventure travel film.

You can see an entire schedule of the weekend’s events here (more information on Facebook as well), and you can get more information on the show’s personalities here. The times listed are for the UK (GMT +1), so much of this will be broadcast mid-dayish for North American adventure fans. However, if you miss something, the festival website says “Sessions will be recorded and made available for a short period after the event.”

Sounds like a can’t-miss event? Sign up at the festival’s homepage here, and if you’d like to make a donation, you can do so here. The show is totally free, though, so don’t feel obligated if money is tight.


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