After some Covid-related fits and starts, Chinese-owned Italian motorcycle maker Moto Morini has dropped specs and prices for the anticipated X-CAPE adventure bike, and it looks to be competitive with Japanese – and other Chinese-owned – marques focused on the lighter-weight end of the ADV segment.

The last update we had was in June, when things were still a bit iffy, but the updated Moto Morini website is flush with photos and details, including an introductory price of € 7,290, or about $8,500USD at current exchange rates. At this time, there are no U.S. Moto Morini dealers but they are well represented in Europe.

The Moto Morini X-CAPE before being dressed up with all manner of accessories. – Moto Morini

Judging from the spec sheet, buyers get a fair bit of flair for their Euro. The 8-valve 649cc liquid cooled P-Twin is fed by Bosch EFI from a 4.75-gallon tank and punches out 60 horsepower and 41 pound-feet of torque. The bike is equipped a 7-inch LCD screen, snouty rally-style angular bodywork with dual LED headlights, adjustable 50mm Marzocchi fork and and an adjustable KYB shock out back. Triple disc Brembo brakes stopping tubeless tires come with ABS as standard and it can be turned off.

The X-CAPE shown with optional panniers and tall wind screen. – Moto Morini

Dry weight is 469 pounds, so count on 500 pounds/226kg fueled before you start tacking on panniers and other kit, which are available in the accessories catalog. The color options have fancy names but essentially you can choose from white, red or grey.

The X-CAPE (not a name I would choose) will have some stiff competition from established budget bikes like the new KLR 650, the 650 V-Strom and even another Chinese/Italian newcomer, the $7,000 Benelli TRK502 X, which has made its way stateside as well.

Let us know what you think of X-CAPEing on the new Moto Morini in the comments.

The 7-inch color screen is large and looks to be very legible. – Moto Morini




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