When Australian motorcycle enthusiast Leah Samson’s riding gear was stolen, the former social worker decided to turn a bad situation into a business opportunity. She noticed that there was a lack of proper protective gear designed for female riders, so women either turned to gear designed for men, or garments not meant for motorcycling. A safer, more fashionable alternative was needed, and thus was born Queen Cherry Bomb, established in 2019.

Leah Samson of Queen Cherry Bomb. Credit: Queen Cherry Bomb

Leah Samson of Queen Cherry Bomb. Credit: Queen Cherry Bomb

Ms Samson started with an enthusiasm for motorcycling, a love of fashion, and not much else. “I didn’t have a business plan”, she says in an Austrailian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) interview, so she acquired the services of a local women’s business hub. With an aesthetic that harkens back to the 1950s, the emphasis was on complimenting the female form, proper protection, and comfort.

While her initial focus was on giving female riders a high-performance product that looks good and fits properly, an unexpected opportunity appeared for garments worn off the bike.

“My original market, I thought, was women who rode motorbikes, but what I’ve discovered is that there’s so much more to it,” she told ABC.

“I’m getting a lot of women asking me, ‘Can you make that design without the armour?'”

Queen Cherry Bomb Jacket. Credit: Queen Cherry Bomb

Queen Cherry Bomb Jacket. Credit: Queen Cherry Bomb

The birth of the company came after a move from Melbourne to Rockhampton, a smaller city in Central Queensland. Interviewed by the Rockhampton Regional Council website, Leah explains, “I was ready for a career change and I really wanted to start a business, something creative. I really wanted to give back in a different way”.

With support and feedback from both riders and her local community, Queen Cherry Bomb gives back via a program called “Buy 1, Give 1“. According to the Queen Cherry Bomb website, “everytime you purchase a product through Queen Cherry Bomb, we donate to one of the United Nations Sustainability Goals to help a girl live her best life.”

Female riders now have a safe, fashionable alternative when shopping for motorcycle gear.

Sources: abc.net.au, rockhamptonregion.qld.gov.au, queencherrybomb.com

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