Riding motorcycles for over a million miles is a feat that most motorcycle enthusiasts will never achieve. Former firefighter Dennis DeLoach’s journey over seven figures inspired his book, “Tour America First: 10 Great American Touring Vacations by Car or Motorcycle.” Spurred on by the knowledge that life is short, and well supported by his faith, DeLoach’s journey has brought him joy and left him enriched.

Before he got the real bug to travel by motorcycle, DeLoach had a 50cc Sears scooter he used to commute to his job as a firefighter in Shreveport, LA. After a brush with some hazardous chemicals on a fire call, DeLoach reflected on the brief nature of life, and decided he wanted to see the world before leaving it.

Credit: enterprise-journal.com

Dennis DeLoach. Credit: Credit: enterprise-journal.com

The 50cc Sears scooter gave way to a 350 Honda Scrambler, and eventually on to a Honda Goldwing. Attracted by the Honda’s comfort and reliability, DeLoach says, “I’ve had so many people ask me how do you ride a motorcycle for a million miles. Well, it’s kind of like eating an elephant — one bite at a time.”

About his guidebook, DeLoach says, “Having ridden a million miles on a motorcycle is a memorable thing to do, but it’s really not so much the million miles as it is the memories.” Regarding the difference between touring by car vs. motorcycle, he says, ““The difference between touring in a car and a motorcycle, when you’re touring in a car, it’s like you’re watching a movie. When your riding a bike it’s like you’re the star of the movie.”

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Sources: enterprise-journal.com, facebook.com/touramericafirst/

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