Janelle Kaz

After my degree in biology, I moved to SE Asia - the heart of the illegal wildlife trade. I’ve always known my work is with wildlife. Learning about wildlife trafficking ignited a fire inside my chest to stand up for those without a voice that still burns today.

I first taught science and math in the South of Thailand, then moved to Laos to build a social business coffee house on the Bolaven Plateau, where all of the profits fund clean water and hygiene education in the local coffee growing communities.

After spending time in the rural communities and experiencing the illegal wildlif trade first hand, I began creating and implementing wildlife and environmental educational curricula for children in remote and vulnerable villages in and around a National Protected Area in Laos, rife with poaching.

It was then that I began living on a motorcycle.

I’d buy an enduro in Asia and then sell it, returning to the states to purchase a cruiser and ride across the US, raising awareness and funds for educational resources to bring back with me to Laos.

Last year, I spent 7 months in Colombia and the Northern part of Ecuador on a motorcycle, documenting the positive actions taken to protect ecosystems and the animals + people who depend on them. I hope that by sharing the stories of those on the frontlines of conservation, more attention can bring them more support and successful initiatives can spread.

I choose to highlight the positive efforts to help our Earth and its inhabitants because I believe what we focus on we create more of in this life. I hope to be a window into this world — from the vantage point of two wheels.

I am now back in South America, riding a Roland Sands Design modified Indian Motorcycles Scout Sixty from Santiago, Chile, to the North of Colombia, documenting some of the incredible people and projects here that not only protect wildlife, but also work to secure indigenous rights to land and respect biodiversity.

I believe that we are all connected and we are all truly wild.

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