Along with MotoAmerica’s recently-launched bagger class, there’s a second racing series set up for these bikes this year. The appropriately-named Bagger Racing League will kickstart its action later this month, with Round 1 at Utah Motorsports Complex, June 25–27, in Salt Lake City.


This whole bagger racing thing started in 2020 with MotoAmerica’s test-the-waters race at Laguna Seca. The rules structure narrowed entries to made-in-America V-twins, so only Indian and Harley-Davidson participated. The race itself was, depending who you ask, either a debacle or entertaining, but everyone seemed to agree it was memorable.

In the months afterward, MotoAmerica announced a five-race bagger series for 2021. As is common in the US motorcycle racing scene, a competing series also sprouted up, called the Bagger Racing League.

Remixing race weekends

Judging from the Bagger Racing League’s website, these events will look considerably different from your average day at the track, with an emphasis on cruisers, not crotch rockets:

Each Bagger Racing League™ Round will be a 3-day weekend event filled with not only racing on the track but also featuring the world’s largest Harley-Davidson and V-Twin vendor village at a road racetrack, stunt shows, camping, the Arlen Ness Custom Bike Show and much more. Each event will telecast live and feature a live audience. The BRL will feature 4 classes of racing: Hooligan GP, Big Twin GP, Stunt GP, and our premier class Bagger GP. Stop by on Saturday and Sunday and enjoy a full day of racing action, or go next level with one of our VIP or RV packages.

Sounds like a mash-up of NASCAR tailgating, a Harley-Davidson rally, and roadracing.

Will it work?

It’s hard to believe nobody tried this years ago. As far-out as the idea sounds, the solution to the whole “cruisers can’t compete with sportbikes” problem is to give cruisers their own series. We saw the old XR1200 events, and more recently the Hooligan flat track events, so perhaps those are inspirations for this series.

Whatever the case, the idea of going pay-per-view is probably solid. This would be a win-win scenario for biker bars and other establishments, and opens the Bagger Racing League to a much wider audience.

For more deets, visit Bagger Racing League’s website here.


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