Baldy, aka. Chris MacAskill, has just arrived at the Harley’s First Ride Event, riding there in style on a Ural, to test the highly anticipated Pan America. There is no wifi and his mobile connection is slow, so I am blogging this on his behalf …
Hey Everyone,
I got an invite to Harley’s First Ride event at the Zakar compound in the Mojave Desert. Yeah, it’s modeled after marine compounds in combat zones and we sleep in containers. Just got out of bike fitting (they put risers on the handlebars for my 6’4” frame and the accessory tall boy seat, I think it’s called).
My bike is Orange with the accessory titanium performance exhaust and I’m surprised by how pretty the bike is in person. Awesome fit & finish (Harley’s trademark). It’s the Special edition and has the optional premium laced aluminum wheels with stainless spokes outside the tubeless tire bead that cost $500 extra. They look sssoooo good!
I’ve never been wild about the look of the faring over the headlight, but I’ve softened after seeing it in person and hearing the designer explain the light pattern.
We didn’t get to ride today or even start the bikes but are on them all day tomorrow, mostly on twisty rough pavement and some gravel. Maybe I’ll have time for updates now and then if I survive.
I rode 350 miles down here in a Ural.
Tuesday I get a different bike with knobbies and we’ll see how it goes in the dirt. I brought great camera equipment and am shooting 4K video, but we have no WiFi so I have to wait to show any of that. Film at 11.

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