ADVrider founder @Baldy has written about his test ride of the Energica Eva at CalMoto in California.

My wife tore an ad from our local free newspaper. “CalMoto is offering test rides of Energicas.”

“A what?” I started Adventure Rider so I should know these things. I should especially know about sexy Italian bikes made in Modena, Italy, where Ferraris and Ducatis are made. I’m obsessed with them.

WHOA!! Would you say that’s as sexy as a Ducati? Hmmm… That’s the Ego model with race fairing and crazy power that goes 150 mph (not with me on it; 120 is my self-imposed limit).

I hustled up to Calmoto and the model they let me ride was the somewhat less powerful but still fast enough naked streetfighter model, the Eva.

The Eva is the 100ish hp, 120 mph model, but when I took it out to the Baylands, it felt like a superbike. It goes 0 – holy crap in about 2 seconds. No shifting. Tons of torque. Hardly any braking because you just roll off the throttle as much as you need to slow down pretty fast with regenerative braking.

Read the full article at Baldy’s other (very cool) site

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