Joey Evans is a legend. My draw kept dropping in amazement during his live-streamed interview with Chris MacAskill (aka. Baldy). If you missed the interview live, I highly recommend watching the video embedded below. If you do not know his story: Joey was a paraplegic who managed to recover his ability to walk,  although he still cannot feel pain, cold or heat below his chest, nor sweat below his chest (which can be problematic for an endurance rider). He went on to live his dream of finishing Dakar in 2017, and raced Africa Eco Rally this year. I  don’t want to ruin his Dakar story but telling you what happened, but let me just say I was left amazed, fuming with injustice and simultaneously inspired.

Joey’s has written a book “Para to Dakar” that can be purchased on Amazon. His Audiobook is available for purchase on Audible, but he has generously allowed us to share it free with the ADVrider community while the world is on lockdown.

Download 'Para to Dakar by Joey Evans'

Download Audiobook from Dropbox here.

To listen to the Audiobook on iOS we recommend the free BookPlayer app.

To listen to the Audiobook on Android we recommend the free Smart Audio Book Player app.

You can also listen on your desktop or laptop.

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