When it comes to basic bike upgrades, what would you go for as a newbie?

Many inmates right here on ADV Rider forum are significantly more skilled in motorcycle upgrades, builds, and farkles than I am. It took me years just to learn how to take my own wheels off and change tires, let alone things like suspension upgrades; still, little by little, I am learning- but I wish that someone had given me a simple but solid intro into the most basic bike upgrades new riders need to consider.

Basic Bike Upgrades: What Would You Change?

So if you’re just starting out, regardless of whether you’ve just bought a shiny new T7 or a used dual sport, here’s what to think about, especially if you’re planning long-distance ADV travel:

Crash Protection

Let’s face it, crashing is part of the adventure, and you’re likely to go down if you’re going to ride dirt. Some basic crash protection will help keep the bike together even when you land on hard terrain, and the most essential piece of protection for me has always been the bash plate. If your bike doesn’t have much ground clearance, and especially fi you’re going to be tackling hard terrain, a bash plate is a must to protect your engine from damage. Aside from that, some basic crash bars around the panels and/or tank will help protect the bike’s body- depending n what are the bike’s weak points.


Call me lazy, but when you have to do long daily distances, a comfy seat can make a huge difference. Stock seats are rarely comfortable enough for the long hauls, and even if you spend half of the time off-road standing on the pegs, a good seat can also make a difference in your position and the way you handle the bike when standing.


If you’re going to travel, you’ll need luggage however minimalistic.

Basic Bike Upgrades: What Would You Change?

I have been traveling with Mosko Moto panniers and duffle for three years now, and it requires having a luggage rack; Im considering switching to a rackless system as it would save weight, but whatever is your preference, you’ll need to think about how you’ll be carrying your stuff. Soft, hard, rackless or a mix of the two, a luggage system is something you’ll need to think about.

What are some of the most basic bike upgrades you’d recommend for new riders, and why?

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