Years ago when I was learning to fly light aircraft in bad weather, there was a device in the cockpit called the Automatic Direction Finder (ADF).  Although it was the least precise navigation instrument in the cockpit, it always pointed directly to the navigation beacon.  It was up you to decide how to get there.

There’s a similar theme for a new connected navigation device from Beeline.  Consisting of a small 2″ round by 3/4″ high bezel mounted to your handlebar, Beeline acts like an ADF  and points you in the direction of your destination.   There are no maps to follow; you just follow the arrow.  Using the arrow as you ride, Beeline consistently points to your destination no matter which way your bike is pointing.  It also shows the direction of your next suggested turn and how far away that turn is.  The Beeline also has a small “countdown timer” similar to a fuel gauge showing how close you are to your destination.

In other modes, Beeline can show you information such as such as distance covered, ride time, speed and battery status.

Beeline claims route planning and GPX file import are simple via the Beeline app (iOS & Android). You can save favorite places; drag and drop pins to create your perfect route; save routes and share with friends with no PC connection required.

On the technical side, Beeline claims 30 hours of use between charges and IPX67 waterproof and shock rating.

If you are tired of trying to follow maps and instead want to enjoy the journey, Beeline may be for you.

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