Honda’s electric dirt bike may just be at the prototype stage for now, but it’s a working prototype, as the video above proves.

Last month, Honda made plenty of buzz in the EV scene by taking the wraps off an electric dirt bike at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Details of the new bike were still secret—Honda didn’t announce the motor’s specs, or recharge time, or battery range, or weight, or suspension travel, and so on. All we know at this point is that Honda is tinkering with an electric offroad protoype.

And, that should not be that shocking, because we’ve seen this bike before—it just wasn’t wearing the Honda badge. The Honda MXer is basically the exact same as the Mugen electric dirt bike unveiled at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show in 2017. It appears to have the same suspension, battery, motor, frame and so on. Mugen was showing off a very similar machine at this year’s Tokyo show, and given that Mugen has long been considered Honda’s unofficial electric motorcycle research division, we’re certainly not shocked to see the similarities between the bikes.

However, we have never seen the Mugen bike in action, and even if we did, what would that mean for most motorcyclists? It’s not like Mugen has dealerships everywhere, so you’d be unlikely to ever have a chance to buy one.

Seeing the Honda rip some half-hearted laps around an MX track, though—that is a much better sign that we’ll eventually see a Japanese electric dirt bike at a dealership near you.

Add in the recent news of the Big Four working on swappable battery tech, and the electric future of motorcycling is likely just around the corner.

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