Worried about your bike being stolen? If you’re in need of some extra peace of mind, check out the ABUS Detecto 8078 SmartX brake disc lock. It’s loaded with clever features that make security easy.

The new ABUS disc lock uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology to unlock, instead of the usual key. When you want to lock the disc, you put it in place, and the lock automatically shuts itself. To remove the assembly from your brake disc, you simply pair the lock to your phone ahead of time. When you want to hit the road, you hold your phone near the brake disc, and it automatically unlocks itself. The lock charges through a USB C port.

Obviously, there are some potential problems with this arrangement; if your lock battery dies, or your phone battery dies, or something else puts the system on the fritz, then you’re stuck on the side of the road, glumly looking at a bike you can’t ride home. However, the Detecto lock appears to be aimed at the Euro market, and the convenience of the system would be welcome there—theoretically, the Detecto lock offers a bit less faffing about when you’re running around town doing errands on the bike. In the UK, where bike thefts are a massive problem, a convenient and safe system is especially important (until the crims learn how to spoof your Bluetooth signal …).

Along with auto locking and unlocking functions, the ABUS Detecto 8078 SmartX also has a 100db smart alarm; if the lock is shifted around, off goes the siren. You can re-set the alarm from a distance, thanks to the Bluetooth tech, so if they neighbourhood kids accidentally set it off, no need to rush into the street in the middle of the night.

Interested? If you want one of these pricey locks, you’ll pay. The cost is around £230 in the UK, but may be a bit better, or worse, if you live elsewhere. Your best bet is to resort to Google to find the nearest retailer.

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