Ukrainian e-bike manufacture Delfast has taken the wraps off the Cross Dirt, a new e-bike that it says is designed for “cross-country electro motocross in various difficult conditions such as mud, sand, gravel and even snow.

Taking a closer look at this rig, you certainly are not going to get Endurocross performance out of it, but it is an interesting look at a potential future for the world of e-bikes.

When e-bikes started hitting the market in the past decade or so, they were mostly commuter-oriented. More cynically-minded motorcyclists viewed them as the domain of the DUI convicted, mostly used by drunk drivers who needed transportation while their licence was suspended.

Since then, e-bikes have crossed over into the world of outdoors enthusiasts, with many companies offering high-end bicycles upgraded with electric motors. And from there, we’re now getting e-bikes as their own class of powered two-wheelers; not quite a full-sized electric motorcycle, but with potential for short-range fun at lower speeds. A machine like this is not competitive against a proper gas-powered dirt bike in most ways, but if you had a whole gaggle of them, you could have a fun race series.

In the case of the Cross Dirt, Delfast says it will come with a choice of two batteries; one is good for 74 miles/120 kilometers, or you can upgrade to a 174-mile/280-kilometre battery. These batteries can be 70 percent recharged in two hours, 100 percent recharged in four hours. With the small battery, the e-bike weighs 121 pounds/55 kilograms; the big battery boosts the weight to 158 pounds/62 kilograms. “Normal load capacity” is 298 pounds/135 kilograms. There’s a set of pedals, but they’re really just decoration—this machine is really a super-light electric motorcycle.

Delfast says the Cross Dirt’s patented frame is reinforced steel, with a lifetime warranty, with a 24-month warranty on all the other bits. Delfast is currently offering a discounted price on the Cross Dirt, with price going up in September, and production starting in October, supposedly. You can find more details here, and there are some basic specs listed below.

From what I can gather off Delfast’s website, pricing is 3,699 Euros, but—don’t expect the same smooth consumer experience you’d get from your local motorcycle dealership.  As for the machines themselves, there’s little known about them, except a lot of marketing. With any new products like this, especially from a relatively new company, there’s always a risk you’ll buy something you don’t like.

Delfast itself says “Delfast revolutionized the electric bikes market when it set the World Guinness Record for the e-bike with the longest charge range ever. Delfast’s Partner, Prime, Top 2.0 and Offroad models have already been shipped to different corners of the world: from Canada to Australia and from Denmark to South Africa. Delfast’s employees are dedicated to reducing carbon emission by manufacturing electric bikes of high quality and thus generating environmentally responsible society.

Technical specs:

Fork: DNM USD-8S
Torque: 182N*m
Controller: 72V 60A with speed limits switcher
Tires: 70/100-19″ mud/sand off road tires
Display: Colorful display with USB port
Charger: 84V 9A (110V-220V) + waterproof gold plated connector LLT
Motor: QS V2 IPX5 protection, main power 3000W, starting power 5000W
Brakes: Double hydraulic line Tektro HD-E525 + double front 203mm brake disc.

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