If a thief is determined to steal your bike, he will. That is just the way it is.

But you can make it really, really unlikely that your bike is the one the thief picks.

One good way to start would be with the massive ABUS Granit 3714KS steel chain and lock.

This chain is just being released in the United States and its first showing is at the AIMExpo in Las Vegas.

Each link is 14mms-thick temper-hardened steel that ABUS claim can’t be defeated by a bolt cutter. The chain is secured by a fat lock with a mechanism that is pull and drill resistant. (A reader asked about the length in Comments. It’s the same as previous top GRANIT chains from ABUS, which is 35 cms or 20.9 inches.)

15lbs of temper-hardened steel

This monster weighs 15 lbs and is one of the strongest chains on the market. It costs $279.99.

And if you have an angle grinder and some time on your hands, it can eventually be defeated.

Which brings us — and ABUS — to the winning strategy for keeping your bike yours. In bike security, time is your friend. The more of it a jerk has to spend getting his hands on your property, the more stressed he gets. German police say the longest a booster wants to spend on a target in their country is three minutes.

ABUS disc locks

So add a second layer. Make it harder. The 3714 KS chain shares a key system with the Maxi+Mini disc lock. The bad guy sees two systems he has to beat — twice the time he has to spend, twice the time he can get caught in the act — and he moves on.

If you really want peace of mind you can get a disc lock with an alarm. Lock it, set it and any motion will make it squeal.

The top of the line for ABUS is the Granit Detecto X Plus 8008, which comes in at $199.99. It has a 16mm bolt double lock that cannot be pried open, ABUS say, and it takes the CR2-size battery.

ABUS Granit Detecto X Plus 8008 disc lock with alarm

Individually, all of these locks can eventually be beaten. But if you add layers to your bike’s security, you’ve made yourself too much of a hassle to deal with.

And that sounds like a win.

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