Being a homeless motorcycle hobo, I don’t really get homesick much. For one, I’ve begun feeling at home everywhere I go and a stranger in my own hometown – weird but true; for another, I do fly back home once a year or once in two years, and with all the glorious modern technology, video calling friends and family for free is now easier than ever.

Still, I do miss certain Lithuanian things sometimes, like my own language, my dad’s vegetable soup, Lithuanian beer in Vilnius Old Town, the sound autumn leaves make when you walk over them in a park back home, working in a newsroom, and probably this old, strange feeling of tribal belonging.

Being Homesick On the Road: Recipes for Sanity ADV Rider

For some reason, Colombians interpret “Egle” as “Carla”.

So if you find yourself homesick on the road, here’s what you can do to feed nostalgia.


There’s nothing like home-cooked food to remind you of your own country or town. While sourcing ingredients for a dish your grandma used to make for you can be hard abroad, it’s doable with a little imagination. Go ahead, storm a local supermarket, commandeer some tasty stuff, and make yourself a meal that reminds you of home. Instant mood lift guaranteed!

Being Homesick On the Road: Recipes for Sanity ADV Rider

Teleport home with a meal. Image: Pixabay


Journaling does sound like something a new age self-improvement guru might suggest, but here’s the thing: writing it all out does de-clutter your mind, helps to get rid of mental ballast, and lets you unload without bothering your friends. If being homesick on the road makes you mull things over and over, miss your cat, or lament the temporary loss of comfort and kinship, journaling can be a great way to get out of the funk, and your buddy Chad won’t have to listen to you repeating things over and over again (sorry, Chad).


If you’re missing something very specific from home – a special brand of chocolate, your woolly jumper, an old, dog-eared book you wish you’d packed – see if you can get it sent to you. For me, there’s a very specific brand of cherry cigarillos that I can’t find anywhere, so I terrorize friends and family to either bring me some when they travel to meet me, or send me some in the mail. While I certainly don’t recommend tobacco, see if you can get some of your favorite coffee, food, or items sent to you wherever you are.

What’s your favorite remedy for when you’re feeling homesick on the road?

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