Okay, there is little joy about in this time of COVID-19, so allow me to cheer you up. I’d like to introduce you to Bernd Tesch. He was born in 1941 in Prenzlau, Germany – coincidentally in the same town in the Mark Brandenburg north of Berlin where my Mother was born. Not that that has anything to do with this story.

Bernd on the road aboard his home-modified R 80 G/S.

Bernd was fascinated by motorcycle travel from his early years, and has not only done round-the-world trips himself and with his wife Patricia, but has also collected an unequaled library of travel books in all sorts of languages – mostly motorcycle-related, but also car and bicycle based. He has now made information about those books available online in what he calls www.teschipedia.de.

I’ll let him tell you about it in his own words in this note he just sent out. Bernd still struggles with English which, I agree, can be a difficult language for German-speakers. Everything considered, he does pretty well.

Bernd makes a point during one of his regular get-togethers for motorcycle travellers.

Dear travel journalist worldwide, from Bernd Tesch,  2020.04.18

How do you feel personally in this hard CORONA-TIME?? I really hope GOOD!!! The virus has shown us again that we are ONLY a very small part of nature before we ALL go back to the elementary particles – soon in some universe seconds…

Travel is the best school in life. Like wikipedia.de, www.teschipedia.de serves to preserve knowledge for the general public. No sale. No advertising! It would be VERY nice if you as a travel-journalist could publish the following!

Two-Wheel-Travels in future are better to plan now.


Over 12,000 TRAVEL-book titles. 3,333 of them for planning two-wheeled trips.

Of these, 1111 bicycle travel books are 1870-today and 2222 Motorcycle travel books 1911-today.

(This is NOT tuned. That just happened now!)

Mount Ararat is there just over his right hand on one of Bernd and Patricia’s trips.

In my view, as the manufacturer and distributor of aluminum cases “Tesch-Travel-Taschen (panniers)” for motorcycles, trips near and especially far beyond Germany’s borders are likely to be stopped or reduced for many-many-months for the time being. My proof is that my sales dropped down to just 5% of normal sales in the past three months.

One of Bernd’s treasury of books.

I therefore used the bad-too quiet-time positively! The travel planning of people willing to travel can improve. For this I now have in the world’s largest database for two-wheel travel books www.teschipedia.de

3333 international TRAVEL-Book titles for two-wheelers listed: Of which 1111 bike-travel-books 1870 – today and 2222 motorcycle travel books 1911 – today. In this highly intelligent database, each book is identified with 20 columns. You can also sort every column online! The sentence “Enter new book” is also above each database. So everyone can post a new book.

In planning practice, you can search for every word in the database in the search field, e.g. Search continent, country, book author and title. If you have found a book worth reading for your travel planning, copy the book data. Then use the search engine google, which will suggest different book providers. Nowadays “almost” all books are available, sometimes also as reprints!

I hope that two-wheeled travel between heaven and earth gives us soon the usual joy again. Hearty greetings out of our paradies in village Hammer / EIFEL-forest / Germany from Bernd Tesch, who would love if you publish about www.teschipedia.de!

The book from which the opening photo is taken. A century ago they sometimes referred to motorcycles as “autos”.

Bernd is as hard to resist by email as he is in person, which is why I’ve reproduced his note. His self-description is “Globetrotter. Autor. Publisher. Journalist. Survival-Trainer. Reise-Berater und Motorrad-Reise-Ausrüster. Hersteller von Alukoffern. Motorrad-Reise-Experte. Dipl.-Ing. TH / University.”

So the basic idea is that you use the database to find books about the places and types of travel that interest you, and you then look for them on the web. Bernd does not charge for anything; well, except the aluminum motorcycle panniers he sells. Find out more at http://www.berndtesch.de/. He is extremely helpful in other ways – and he’s always looking for more information about travel books. I’m just about to update him myself, about the fact that my Australia Motorcycle Atlas has been through six editions, not just one.


(All photos: Bernd Tesch)

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