What are the best adventure motorcycles for women?

Are they pink? Are they small displacement? Do they have special compartments for purses?

No, no and no. As Michael Uhlarik put it so brilliantly, women ride bikes for the same reasons men do – the thrill, the adventure, the freedom, and so there is no such thing as a “woman’s bike.” When it comes to motorcycling, we are all riders who love bikes, and gender plays no role in our adventure motorcycle choices.

Best Adventure Motorcycles for Women

The only factor I can think of that might be female-specific is that women on average are slightly shorter than men, so some of us might want lowered bikes. Lower, not smaller displacement! Other than that, we pick bikes just like guys do. So here’s a short checklist if you just can’t make up your mind about what adventure motorcycle would be best for you:

Do You Love It?

It really is that simple: if you love the bike you own, then that’s the perfect machine for you. Anything from a scooter to a Honda Goldwing can be an awesome adventure bike as long as you enjoy riding it!

Is It Capable?

Depending on where and how you ride, just make sure that your motorcycle is capable of doing what you need it to do. Will it carry you across mountain passes at high altitude if you’re planning to ride the Andes? Can it tear into gnarly off-road routes eagerly if you love single track? Is it comfortable on long hauls? Be honest with yourself and plan ahead. There’s no point dragging a behemoth of a bike along the BAM road in Siberia, but equally, you won’t enjoy that WR250 on German highways.

Best Adventure Motorcycles for Women

Is It Reliable?

My Suzuki DR650 is a bit like a Shetland pony: it’s not elegant, it’s not fast, and it’s not showy. But it steadily plods along on any terrain, in any weather, any altitude, sure-footed and indestructible. For me and the type of riding I do, this bike is perfect in every way. On top of that, it’s very forgiving: when I first got this bike and went to some off-road training, the DR650 felt like a very tolerant bike for rookie mistakes. It just wanted to stay upright, even when my balance was off.

Finally, if I screw up and dump it, I can easily pick it up myself. As it’s built very simply, anything can be fixed cheaply and quickly.

adventure motorcycles for women

So find your own Shetland pony. Find an adventure motorcycle that feels best and does the job you want it to do. And whatever it is, hit that open road now!

More on adventure motorcycle choices: click HERE.

What do you ride and why? Let me know in the comments below!

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