Love the idea of exploring South America on a bike, but don’t have the time or resources to ship or ride your own wheels down there? Fly and ride! With adventure riding becoming more and more popular each year, flying in, renting a bike, and going on a week-long or ten-day adventure is becoming a great option for those who can’t take off for months. Here are the three most well-known, established, and trustworthy bike rental companies in the three best South American countries to see.

Motolombia, Colombia

Run by an international team of Europeans and locals, Motolombia offers a wide variety of options: bike rentals, training, guided tours, self-guided tours, and everything in between. You can fly in and ride Colombia, or join one of their multi-country tours anywhere from Colombia all the way to Chile and Argentina. The staff at Motolombai are incredibly friendly even if you’re just asking around or inquiring about best routes in Colombia!

Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental, Ecuador

Ecuador Freedom is a very reputable bike rental and tour company based in Quito, Ecuador, expertly run by Court Rand hailing from the US. Court’s vision is all about unique, tailored experiences, gnarly off-road trails and stunning twisties, interesting locals and luxury accommodations all mixed into one perfect adventure cocktail in Ecuador. With Freedom, you can rent a bike and design your own tour, join an existing one, or do one of their awesome pre-designed self-guide tours around the country. The have a large fleet of bikes ranging from scooters, dirt bikes, and dual sports all the way to the big 1200cc adventure beasts.

Peru Motors, Peru

Peru Motors is an established bike rental and tours company out of Arequipa, Peru. Based in a stunning location right in the heart of the Andes, Peru Motors offer bike rentals and tours, both guided and self-drive, and offers include both Peru and multi-country rides. Founded by a Dutch rider and adventurer Lars Caldenhoven, Peru Motors is a great place to start your Peruvian adventure.

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