South America offers limitless off-road riding, and you can do so in all of the countries on the continent. But which destinations are best when it comes to enduro riding, training, and following the old Dakar tracks? Here’s a quick list of the best enduro destinations in South America in 2021:

  1. Peru

A country that has hosted Rally Dakar intermittently for years, Peru has no shortage of awe-inspiring trails, off-road routes, and dunes to enjoy. If you’re not sure where to start, check out Peru En Moto: Gianna Velarde’s (first Peruvian female to compete in Rally Dakar motorcycle class) dad Francis Velarde runs a motorcycle tour and rental company dedicated to gnarly off-road riding, tracing the Dakar routes, and getting into the dunes of the Atacama Desert. A highly skilled off-road rider and coach, Francis Velarde is the guy to go to if you want to explore Peru on dirt.

2. Colombia

Offering access to wild Caribbean beaches and the Andes Mountains, Colombia is ideal for riding off-road, whether on your own or on a guided tour. If you’d like to connect with local off-road riders, however, check out Andres Felipe Arroyave and his crew: it’s a group of Colombian enduro nutters who ride places no tourist ever gets to see. Shoot them a message and ride together!

3. Ecuador

The beauty of Ecuador is that it’s… small. Small and compact: out here, you don’t need to cover big distances to get access to the Pacific Coast, the Andes, or the Amazon basin, and the best part is, most of the country can be explored off-road. There are so many narrow mountain trails, single track, and muddy jungle trails that you can spend weeks riding Ecuador without ever setting a tire on the tarmac. Ecuador Freedom offers dirt bike rentals and dirt tours if you’re thinking of a fly-and-ride.

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