If you can’t take off for weeks, months or years to ride around the world, flying in to a country or region you want to explore and renting a bike locally can be a great way to escape. Flights are getting cheaper and cheaper (Oslo to LA for $250, anyone?), and motorcycle rental and tour companies are cropping up all over the place making it easier than ever to fly in, enjoy the ride, and go home.

Here are some of the best fly and ride destinations around the world.

South America

South America is a perfect continent for adventure riding. It’s diverse and rugged enough but at the same time, accessible and developed enough to make the best out of your journey.

Choose Ecuador and Colombia for a shorter, ten-day ride, because these countries are smaller and more compact. This means you’ll be able to experience the Pacific coast, the Andes and the Amazon without having to do crazy distances. Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina are much larger, so plan for at least two weeks if you’re heading that way.

Here is a list of reputable bike rental companies in South America if you’re ready to start planning your trip. For the most budget-friendly flights, check out Momondo and Skyscanner.

The Himalaya

The Indian Himalayas offer some of the most spectacular rides in the world. On or off the road (or usually, a combination of both), Northern India is a true adventure riding paradise. Rent a Royal Enfield and forget about the rest of the world as you tackle the dizzying mountain passes and admire the breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

Note to female riders: did you know that some motorcycle tour companies now offer women-only bike tours in the Himalayas? Check out MotoBirds for more information.

South Africa & Namibia

What adventure rider hasn’t dreamt of exploring Africa on two wheels? If you’re after stunning desert landscapes, diverse culture and incredible wildlife, head for South Africa or Namibia. Much like South American regions, these two Southern African countries are wild enough to experience the real adventure but developed and accessible enough to find a good bike rental deal.

The best part? You can now ride Africa with Charley Boorman!

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