Gloves are a very personal thing, do you choose them for grip or warmth, or protection, or brand, or materials, or weight, or allergies.

For me, I like a lightweight glove, with a thinner palm so I can ‘feel’ the grip more. I dislike having too much material between my palm and the grip.

I try and ride in eternal summer following the sun whenever possible so my riding yearly would be the equivalent of late spring, summer and early fall in comparison.

Yes I know everybody doesn’t get the joy of just warm seasons and one pair of gloves, some of you have four seasons and some of you have what you describe as two – winter and roadworks!

The gloves I’m talking about are the Klim Dakar, just $40

I got mine in 2017, and to date they have 41,300 miles/ 66,500km on them over nearly two years, to give you a visual, this –

or less than $0.001 – 1/10th of a penny a mile, in my eyes well worth the investment.

So I know you’re thinking – what do they look like now and any issues?

  • A few hundred kms ago, the stitching on the index fingers started to come apart, a couple of minutes of stitching and they we like new again.
  • The pull on loops failed at about 35,000 miles, but not a big issue it doesn’t affect the main body of the glove

…and that’s it, very, very happy with my purchase.


What do you use for gloves and what kind of life are you getting from yours?

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