Whether you’re great at budgeting or wonder where your money went each month, managing expenses on the road can be a nuisance. Every little thing adds up, and it’s easy to overspend without even realizing it. Here are some of the best money apps for travel, including those that help you save on flights and accommodation.

XE Currency Converter

Keeping track of currency value can save you lots of money. XE Currency Converter is one of the best apps out there allowing you to track currency values in real time and get alerts when prices of your desired currency drop.

Trail Wallet

Voted as one of the best money apps for travel out there and created by long-term travelers, Trail Wallet is a great app to track spending, quickly figure out and convert currencies and set budgets. This app is free to use and can help get your spending on track as well as avoid overspending on currency exchange.


Spendee is a great app if you want to set several budgets and savings plans. You can have separate budgets for food, fuel, and lodging as an example, which will help stay within your means and even save. Spendee can manage your expenses in multiple currencies.


While technically not a money app, Hopper can help save on flights and hotel deals. Hopper monitors flights and predicts price drops, which can save up to 40%. If you’re planning a short visit home during your bike trip, Hopper is a great app to get the best flights.


Another noteworthy app to save money on flights and hotels, Skyscanner is similar to Hopper but has slightly different features. It does not predict price drops like Hopper does, but offers to monitor flights and present the best deals in any given period of time.

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