Best motorcycle roads: easily a topic debated just as hotly as tire choices, and, bucket list rides aside, it’s as individual as bike preferences. Yet, some of the motorcycle roads are just hard to forget – often because of the scenery, but usually, because those routes touch something personal. Objectively, Chile’s Carreterra Austral is just a scenic gravel road, but for me, it was the stuff of dreams because I never imagined I’d reach Patagonia. So here’s a list of my all-time favorite motorcycle roads arond the world, and why I still can’t forget them:

1. Lagunas Route, Bolivia

All in all, it’s just a dirt track across a high-altitude desert in the Bolivian Andes. For me, however, this was the first time riding off-road and discovering what truly unpopulated, remote places feel like; by the end of that ride, although it was only 400 km or so, I felt like I’d just completed Rally Dakar – and I’ll never forget that feeling.

Best Motorcycle Roads I've Ever Ridden // ADV Rider

2. Ride to Machu Picchu, Peru

Another remote Andean trail, the Machu Picchu route is now more or less known among adventure riders. Back in 2014, however, few chose to ride their bikes to Machu Picchu taking the train from Cuzco instead. To me, as I was only starting out venturing off-road, this twisty mountain trail remains one of the most memorable motorcycle roads in all of South America.

Best Motorcycle Roads I've Ever Ridden // ADV Rider

3. Shafer Canyon Road and Potash Trail, Utah

What is home to most inmates here at ADV Rider is another planet for me, especially Utah and the Moab area. Riding the Shafer Canyon Road and Potash Trail is one of the best highlights from my North American travels; the scenery of the red rocks and strange shapes looked so out of this world it felt like traversing the surface of Mars. I can’t wait to return to utah someday and explore it properly aboard a dirt bike!

Best Motorcycle Roads I've Ever Ridden // ADV Rider

Image: RTW Paul

What are the best motorcycle roads you’ve ridden, and why? Share in the comments below!

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