Riding a motorcycle in Europe is a multi-layered experience. From the barren beauty of the North to the busy coastlines of Italy, it contains some of the most exhilarating motorcycle routes in the world with peaceful mountain passes, stunning sceneries, sweeping coasts, and twisty roads. Here are some of the must-ride places in Europe.

Stelvio Pass, Italy – Switzerland

With more than 60 hairpin turns and magnificent scenic views from the second highest peak in the Eastern Alps, riding this road is definitely worth trying. The trip involves zigzagging up the 9,000-foot peak with numerous twists. Located at the border between Italy and Switzerland, it is often be called as the best motorcycling road in Europe.

Weather conditions, however, are not very welcoming. It remains closed for most of the year and opens between June to September. But the weather can surprise you anytime, so be prepared for mist, rain and even snow.

Transfagarasan and Transalpina, Romania

For years Transfagarasan has managed to remain as the top most visited road in Romania and was regarded as the most beautiful road of the country. However, Transalpina, another scenic mountain road in Romania, often gives Transfagarasan a run for its money.

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Transfagarasan is considered to be the most popular road in Romania with its breath-taking scenery and a number of sweeping curves. Transalpina is a little less crowded and offers views into deep gorges and valleys. Both roads are worth the ride, but be mindful about the weather: the best time to explore Romania is May through to September.

The Spanish Pyrenees

This beautiful road, separating France and Spain, is one a motorcyclists’ heaven in the world. The road consists mostly of curves that can go on for several miles, with little traffic and full of incredible sights. You will come across beautiful small villages, lush green scenery, and panoramic mountain views. Along the way, there are motorcycle-friendly hotels and rest stops. The weather is pleasant year-round.

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