“Don’t lock up your wrist”, Ryan, the Californian motorcyclist who taught me to ride bikes in Peru back in 2013 told me during the improvised lesson. “Just don’t lock up the wrist, and go, go, go!”.

For me, this is still the best piece of ADV advice ever received: literally, because when you’re tense, you can’t ride well, and figuratively, because being malleable and keeping your zen helps to deal with unexpected trouble, issues, and stress on the road. To this day, Ryan’s lessons are still at the back of my mind, but along the way, I’ve also gotten great advice on all things motorcycling, traveling, and adventuring.

Here are my favorites:

“Eyes up, and look through to where you’re going” – Dusty Wessels, off-road coach, US

“When packing your panniers, always leave space for beer” – unknown German rider, Chile

“Mark all your bolts and screws so you know if and when they’re getting loose” – RTW Paul, US

“Have a mental budget for the possibility of things going wrong – because at some point, they will” – Rally Dakar rider Gee Motzkin, US

“Start small, dream big” – Rally Dakar rider Nathan Rafferty, US

“Learn the slow riding technique first so you can ride fast later” – Pat Jacques, off-road coach, US

“Always show up at border crossings early” – unknown Dutch rider, Peru

“There is no such thing as impossible” – Tamas Esch, rally and adventure rider, Hungary

“Mark your roadbook before heading to the beer tent” – unknown Polish rider, Hellas Rally, Greece

“Pack cable ties, head South” – unknown Irish rider, Argentina

“Trust the bike and ignore the ruts” – Gabriella Linford, rally and adventure rider, Australia

What’s the best piece of ADV advice you’ve ever gotten, and what advice do you give new riders? Share the wisdom in the comments below!

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