Adventure riding is all about unplugging and heading off into the sunset, but let’s be honest – we all carry our smartphones with us, and some of the apps can be really helpful on the road. Here are the best travel apps for ADV riding.


Don’t have a GPS unit and don’t love Google Maps? Maps.Me is a great alternative for navigation on long trips. The app works offline (you just need to download the maps for your route, then delete them when you no longer need them), making it a perfect solution for overlanding. All you need to do is enter a destination, click “Route To”, and the app will download the right maps to guide you to it.


If you love trip planning, TripIt is a fantastic tool to keep everything organized. The app stores your flight and hotel reservations making it easier to keep everything in one place instead of having it all scattered in your inbox.


Easily the best travel app for ADV riding out there, iOverlander is an irreplaceable tool on long journeys. With user-generated recommendations, iOverlander provides suggestions for accommodation (including wild camping spots!), mechanics and garages, as well as route notes (broken bridges, detours, roadworks, etc). The app is used by 4×4 overlanders and motorcyclists, so you’re guaranteed to have great info about road/track conditions and lodging/camping options.

Packing Pro

Need help packing? PackingPro makes it easy by allowing you to make packing lists with different categories and sending you reminders about things like vaccinations or passport renewal.


If you’re thinking of a fly and ride, Skyscanner is a great app to get the best flight deals. It offers multiple options tracking thousands of flights in real-time, so you’re guaranteed to find the best price.

What are some of your best travel apps for ADV? Share in the comments below!

Image: Pixabay

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