If you’re on a long overland journey, chances are, you might want to get off the motorcycle every once in a while and do something different. Taking a break and doing something new can do wonders for morale, so here are some of the best travel experiences off the bike, accessible in most countries around the world.

Expedition on Horseback*

Love trekking, but preferably, not on your own two feet? Horse-riding expeditions can be awesome, even if you’re not an experienced rider. Hard-to-access mountain trails, jungle paths, or just cross-country horse riding can be a wonderful respite from motorcycling.

Best countries for horse riding: Chile and Argentina, Kyrgyzstan, the UK

*Before you go, make sure the horses look healthy and happy and are treated well by the owners.

best travel experiences Peru


I don’t trust water (or fish!), but diving in the Red Sea is still one of my most memorable experiences in Egypt. Diving is so completely different from anything you can experience on land that it’s definitely worth a try; if it’s too expensive where you are, at least go snorkeling. It’s this weird, floaty feeling of complete zen underwater, and it can recharge the batteries like nothing else.

Best countries for diving: Australia, Egypt, Belize, Mexico, Malaysia

best travel experiences: diving


If you want to take it to the next level, skydiving can be an awesome experience. Not ready to jump out of a plane yet? Bungee jumping, paragliding, or flying weird tiny contraptions over the Balkans can all be great alternatives.

Best countries for skydiving: UAE, New Zealand, Slovenia, Namibia

best travel experiences


This one is hands down my favorite: learning something new on the road is always priceless. It doesn’t even matter what you’re learning – it can be a local language, fishing, mojito making, weaving, llama herding – anything that you can learn from the locals will become an invaluable experience.

What’s your best travel experience off the bike? Let me know in the comments below.

Images: Egle/Pixabay

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