Italian motorcycle manufacturer Beta motorcycles has announced its 2019 Line of Beta RR-S street legal motorcycles.  Beta produces four separate models that share the same chassis and engine family, but deliver a distinctly different character in terms of feel and power delivery.  Available engine displacements are 350cc, 390cc, 430cc and 500cc.  The US delivered RR-S bikes are manufactured on the same production line as the European off road machines but come with USA spec lighting and a Trail Tech Voyager GPS unit.  Beta’s off road roots are important, but they also believe that making motorcycle more versatile is a key element.  The RR-S line of motorcycles can be ridden on the street, as well as ridden in dual sport events or raced at a local Hare Scramble or Enduro.

Several components have been updated for 2019 including:

  • An all new front fork that is adjustable for compression, rebound, and spring preload.  Each of these adjustments can be made at the top of the fork with no tools needed.
  • An all new shock with a smaller body diameter and more compact reservoir for less heat buildup.
  • Newly designed lower fork guards that are stiffer
  • New lower fork yokes that are more compact and less likely to catch on obstacles.
  • A new throttle assembly with a different cam profile for smoother power delivery.

Other features of the Beta RR-S Range include:

  • Electronic Fuel Injection
  • A back up kick starter sold as an optional kit for roughly $400.00
  • 6 speed wide ratio transmission with a 6 spring clutch that is smoother and more progressive.
  • Push button seat removal.
  • A quick change Twin Air air filter with side access.
  • Trail Tech Voyager GPS unit providing GPS tracking and the ability to download trail maps, engine temperature, altitude, speed, resettable trip meter in tenths, as well as other features.
  • Sachs rear shock.
  • 48mm Sachs open cartridge front fork, with super plush settings.
  • Hydraulic clutch with a Brembo master cylinder.
  • Nissin brakes front and rear. 240mm rear brake rotor, 260mm front.
  • Six position adjustable handlebar mounts.
  • New stronger and lighter triple clamps.
  • Super quiet muffler/spark arrestor.
  • Folding mirrors.
  • Full light package.
  • Skid plate.
  • DID o-ring chain.
  • Rear shock can be removed for service without removing the rear subframe.

Beta also offers more than 300 accessory options.

Lastly, BETA offers a unique program for some models.  Called BYOB (Build Your Own Beta), buyers can configure their BETA exactly as they want using an online configurator.    The BYOB system provides you with multiple choices in each of the following categories.

  • Wheels and Tires
  • Gearing & Rotors
  • Suspension
  • Chassis Parts
  • Engine Add-ons

When you are done configuring your bike, you receive a breakout of your chosen options along with the final cost of the bike.  You can then submit your deposit and Beta will call you to confirm your order.  Once approved, they will build the bike to your specifications.


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