“Ask ten motorcyclists about a bike,” a wise man (it might have been me) once said, “and you will get ten different opinions.”

Honda Europe turned that around and asked ten of its dealers in France, Spain and Portugal to customize ten bikes – all of them CB 650 Rs – for the 2021 Biarritz concours in France. The result, as you will see below, was ten custom bikes that each take the original in different directions and interpret the theme in their own way.

Who would have thought that the CB 650 R neo-café racer could be seen in ten completely different but equally realistic ways? From simple bolt-on solutions to the likes of single-sided swingarms, this is a lot more than just a matter of ten original colour schemes.

CB 650 R Flat Tracker, ADN Motos in Cognac, France. Motto: “In the spirit of vintage flat track and supermotard, here is our little gem.”


CB 650 R Café Racer, Blanmoto Honda in Girona, Spain. Motto: “A celebration of our custom dreams, and of a business founded in 1928.”


CB 650 R Four Limited Edition, Espace Motos in Angers, France. Motto: “Neo Sports Café rides the legendary CB750 Four.”

CB 650 R Hedicon, Motor Sport in Madrid, Spain. Motto: “Our CB650R Motorsport represents the transversal spirit of Honda, breaking the barrier that separates cars from motorbikes…”.


CB 650 R Fenix, Mototrofa Honda in Trofa, Portugal. Motto: “The name was obvious to us as, in 2019, our workshop was completely destroyed…”


CB 65 R Four, Sagaz Honda in Toulouse, France. Motto: “The legend of the Bol d’Or meets Neo Sports Café…”


CB 650 R BMX, Werther in Nice, France. Motto: “Fun and stylish, just like doing a wheelie on a BMX bike.”


CB 650 R KarbOne Edition, AZ Moto in Rouen, France. Motto: “A homage to the spirit of a famous and legendary model – the Honda CB750 FOUR K0.”


CB 650 R Akira, Hakuba Motor in Santander, Spain. Motto: “If there is a word that defines our concept then it is kaizen.”


So there you have it, ten of the best — or are they? Do you feel that this sort of customization is worthwhile, or is it just dealers playing in the spares box? I must admit that I like this; it is always wonderful to see the ideas of so many different people zeroing in on the essence of a motorcycle.

(Photos Honda Europe)

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