Most of us have a desire to see a decent chunk of the world while we’re alive, but what comes after death? A rider from Canada has figured out a way to keep traveling the world and meeting new people, years after he passed away. And, he’s even managed to become the star of a short film.

The rider is Hugh Robert Nesbitt from the province of British Columbia, a.k.a. “Biker Bob.” Biker Bob was based on Vancouver Island but rode all over North America, attending rallies and making new friends. It seems Biker Bob was a cruiser rider, not an adventure biker, but most two-wheeled enthusiasts can agree that no matter what sort of bike you’re riding, exploration and meeting interesting people are some of the best things about riding motorcycles.

Biker Bob died in a motorcycle accident in 2015, but his adventures haven’t ended.

After Bob’s death, his widow put his ashes in a bottle with a note reading “Biker Bob. If you find me, turn me loose.” She put the bottle in the ocean, and so began Bob’s final journey.

In the years since, Bob’s ashes have been recovered by at least three people along the coast, and his last adventure ended up catching the attention of Canadian filmmaker Cat Mills. Intrigued, she dug deeper, eventually producing the short film Biker Bob’s Posthumous Adventure. You can watch it below, if you’ve got 18 minutes to spare.

Where’s Bob off to next? Hopefully he’ll end up getting another motorcycle ride in, as it only seems fitting. But if he keeps on floating ashore, that’s a pretty good final adventure as well.

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