The back-and-forth squabbling continues in the UK. No, we’re not talking about Brexit, we’re talking about the bickering between offroad motorists and fun-hating whiners hikers and other nature nuts.

It’s getting to be a major problem for dirt bikers in the UK (as well as 4×4 enthusiasts): more and more, their access to green lanes (unpaved public roads) is being cut back, as citizens complain about noise or other issues, real or imaginary. However, it’s now going to an all-new level in the Lake District, with the Green Lanes Environmental Action Movement taking legal action against the Lake District National Park Authority.

Their problem with the Park Authority? According to their crowdfunding page, they’re “challenging its refusal to stop 4x4s and motorbikes ruining one of the most beautiful places in England.” The Park Authority recently ruled it would continue to allow motorized vehicles to use its green lanes, despite local residents leaving High Tilberthwaite farm after claiming 4×4 damage to roads left them unable to work the land. Other locals are up in arms over noise and other traffic-related complaints. As a result, the environmentalists are pressuring the Park Authority to close two roads in the High Tilberthwaite are to ban 4x4s and bikes under Traffic Regulation Orders. If they can pull this off, the crowdfunding page says “We believe that if we can defeat the LDNPA over these two tracks it will set a precedent for the protection of other green lanes in the National Park which are being damaged by 4x4s and motor bikes.”

The Green Lanes Environmental Action Movement claims to have 350,000 signatures on a petition to shut down the green lanes to motorized vehicles, and has already raised £31,928 for its legal challenge fund. See full details here.

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