At the end of 2021’s inaugural FIM Hard Enduro World Championship, Billy Bolt is the winner, taking his Husqvarna to victory in the final event, Germany’s GetzenRodeo.

It was a close thing, coming down to the final race. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM) actually beat Bolt in the season-ender. Bolt struggled mid-race and dropped all the way down to sixth position overall, which would have left Lettenbichler the clear champion had the race ended there. But, by race’s end, Bold had clawed back to second,which left him and Lettenbichler both tied at 104 points.

How to determine a champion? Bolt had three wins on the season, and Lettenbichler only had two. That was the tie-breaker, giving Bolt the overall championship victory.

After the race, Bolt said

It all boiled down to those last 80 minutes. I struggled like mad at the beginning. I had hurt my finger in the morning race and needed to figure out how to adapt. I made a bunch of mistakes and that was like a tornado or errors. I think I dropped to sixth, but I regrouped and knew I could recover. I settled in and enjoyed the second half of the race, finding new lines and finding a flow. Once I got up to second, I knew the title was back on, so I held my ground and did it!

It’s an especially sweet win, given that this was the first season for the FIM’s Hard Enduro title. This series came about this season when Austria-based WESS teamed up with the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme—sanctioning body for most motorcycle competition around the world) to run an international Hard Enduro series, including such famous events as the Erzbergrodeo and Red Bull Romaniacs. Below, see the final championship standings, and the 2022 schedule:

2021 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship (Final Standings)
1. Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) 104pts
2. Manuel Lettenbichler 104pts
3. Wade Young (Sherco) 83pts
4. Mario Roman (Sherco) 76pts
5. Jonny Walker (Beta) 66pts
6. Alfredo Gomez (Husqvarna) 63pts
7. Michael Walkner (GASGAS) 46pts
8. Teodor Kabakchiev (Husqvarna) 36pts
9. Taddy Blazusiak (GASGAS) 29pts
10. Dominik Olszowy (KTM) 24pts

2022 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship, Provisional Schedule
Round 1: Minus 400 – Israel, April 5/6/7
Round 2: Xross – Serbia, May 19/20/21
Round 3: Red Bull Erzbergrodeo – Austria, June 16/17/18/19
Round 4: Abestone Hard Enduro – Italy, July 8/9/10
Round 5: Red Bull Romaniacs – Romania, July 26/27/28/29/30
Round 6: Red Bull TKO – USA, August (date TBC)
Round 7: Red Bull Outliers – Canada, August (TBC, two weeks after TKO)
Round 8: HERO Challenge – Poland, September 10/11 (location TBC)
Round 9: Hixpania Hard Enduro – Spain, October 7/8/9

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