Biltwell Inc., a Temecula, California helmet manufacturer has donated 1,800 helmets to the National Motorcycle Safety Fund (NMSF).   The NMSF is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s (MSF) charitable branch.

Donating towards safety

Good on Biltwell.  They will get a tax break for their donation.  It will come courtesy of the NMSF’s 501(c)(3) charitable status.  But it’s great that Biltwell thought to donate the helmets instead of destroying them.

Biltwell’s Gringo S full face helmet. Photo credit: Biltwell

Of the donation, Biltwell’s General Manager Mike Ellis said:

“We had an extra quantity of our Gringo and Gringo S model helmets sitting in inventory and realized we could put them to better use by donating them for use at MSF training sites, which would improve the students’ experience.”

The work of NMSF

Funds and donations received by the NMSF allow it to fund crash research, motorcycle safety videos and publications, alcohol and drug education programs for motorists and other motorcycle safety initiatives.  Donors can rest assured that one hundred percent of their contribution will be used to carry out the work of the NMSF.  The funds are never used to cover administration or other similar costs.

Biltwell’s Gringo full face helmet. Photo credit: Biltwell

Win-win situation

Biltwell approved the NMSF’s plan to sell the donated helmets at “nominal cost” to MSF recognized Rider Training Sites.

MSF President Mike Buche had this to say about Biltwell’s donation:

 “These type of donations enable multiple win-win situations. The training sites with their limited budgets can upgrade their helmet inventory at little cost; students can enjoy wearing fresh, modern helmets during the hands-on course; NMSF gains funding for future research and outreach projects; and Biltwell gets the tax benefits of a charitable contribution.”

Ultimately the donated helmets will be used by students who are taking the MSF Basic Rider Course at over 2,000 locations throughout the USA.

Congratulations to all involved.


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