The motorcycle industry hasn’t exactly been filled with good news for 2020, but there’s one bright spot of hope on the horizon: The Bimota Tesi H2 appears to be coming soon. Bimota keeps sharing video and pictures of the hyperbike project; above, you can get a good look at what that weird hub steering looks like in action.

The Bimota Tesi H2 is an Italian-made exotic bike, with a Japanese engine. Last fall, Kawasaki bought a huge chunk of Bimota shares, and started working with the usually-underfunded company on exciting new projects. The KB4 superbike is supposed to be coming later this summer, but the machine everyone’s really excited about is the Tesi H2. It’s a fascinating project, with Bimota’s typically weird chassis and suspension layout and Kawasaki’s supercharged four-cylinder engine (the same inline four that’s in the H2, H2R and H2 SX, making well over 200 horsepower). In an age where the OEMs seem increasingly reluctant to take changes, and emissions standards are setting the rules for development, the Tesi H2 is a reminder of the old, bold days, when the manufacturers were focused on making wild hyperbikes that captured customers’ imaginations.

All we can see in the video above is the Bimota’s hub steering at work, sadly. However, Bimota has generously shared other video of the Tesi H2 project, as you can see below:

Hopefully, this means Bimota can finally turn a corner towards profitability and stability. For years, Bimota has built cool hyperbikes, but ran into trouble with outside engine suppliers, or finances. With Kawi’s big pockets and consistent engine supply, will Bimota blaze a bold trail forward? We’ll see.

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