Blink Dash, a brand new app titled “Mission Control for Motorcycles”, is promising to simplify navigation, calls, and passenger comms in one easy dashboard. Blink Dash connects Google Maps, contacts on your phone, music (Spotify and Pandora), and trip information allowing the rider to control everything from one dashboard with just a few taps. This can be especially handy when riding with a pillion, as Blink Dash offers phone comms with the passenger accessible from the same dashboard, potentially saving on intercom costs.

“Chat with your pillion rider without the need for internet right from your dashboard, enjoy turn by turn navigation from your Google Maps, answer calls right from the dashboard, speed-dial your contacts with a single click without losing your navigation data, control your music from any player right on your dash screen, and get your trip information all in one app”, Blink Dash promises. Offering a free ten-day trial, Blink Dash seems like a handy app to have, especially for urban riding. In the future, the developers say the app will offer more features like live weather updates, rest reminders, external camera control, trip tracking, track sharing, and a social network allowing to connect and chat with other riders.

If you primarily use your phone for navigation and comms, Blink Dash can come in handy to have everything displayed on one screen as you ride along. To enable the pillion comms feature, the pillion rider will need to download the free pillion app, and you both will need to wear earbuds to be able to communicate. Still, it’s a cheap and quick solution for communicating, and if you frequently take calls or listen to music while riding, it can be useful to have one single dash board to connect all your apps and phone contacts with a few easy taps.




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