BMW Motorrad is announcing that it has canceled this year’s BMW Motorrad Days.  In a press release posted March 27th, BMW Motorrad said:

“In light of current events and growing measures to contain the corona virus, not to mention our duty of care towards our guests and staff, it is with a heavy heart that the Organization Team of the BMW Motorrad Days has decided to cancel this year’s event.”

“The BMW Motorrad Days represent one of the largest and most international customer events of the BMW Group with a regular attendance of over 40.000 visitors from all over the world. Our aim is to always meet this aspiration. However, the current circumstances no longer allow this event to be planned as the necessary lead times involved are very long. This means that the BMW Motorrad Days cannot be carried out.”

BMW Motorrad says that part early cancelation of the July, 2020 event will make planning easier for many overseas visitors.

“Our early cancellation will moreover make planning easier for our many overseas visitors, knowing they have longer lead times for logistics and travel arrangements.”

While disappointing for many BMW Motorrad enthusiasts, and the continuing uncertainly of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cancellation appears to be a good move for all involved.

The early cancellation allows people to re-arrange their travel plans prior to forking over serious cash to attend an event that might not occur.

With a claimed 40,000 participants, it’s sad that the event has to be canceled.  As the COVID-19 situation becomes clearer, riders will be in a better position to make travel plans.  And, it does give riders the opportunity to go to an event that may not require a lead time as long as international travel.

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