BMW has finally shown off its F900 XR, which has been floating around in concept bike form and in other spy shots for months.

The F900 XR originally broke cover as the 9cento concept bike. Since then, it’s been developed into a street-biased adventure tourer, similar to the S1000 XR, but based around BMW’s parallel twin engine.

Speaking of which, BMW’s big-bored the F850 platform to build this bike, increasing the cylinder bore to 86 mm and keeping the 77 mm stroke. The result? A jump in output, to 105 hp at 8.750 rpm and 68 lb-ft of torque at 6,500 rpm. The new engine has a dual balancer shaft system like the F850, keeping vibes down, and a 277/450 firing order, with 90-degree offset crankpins. High-test fuel is required, due to its high compression ration, and it meets the Euro5 emissions regs.

BMW included Rain and Riding modes, along with 6.5-inch TFT screen that’s controlled by the left hand. It’s Bluetooth-compatible, so you can coordinate it with your mobile device to use GPS or listen to music.

As is usual with BMW, other desirable safety systems and electronic gadgets are available as features. Pay for optional riding modes, and you can get leaning ABS, or gain control over throttle, braking and traction control settings. A crash-detecting 911-dialing system is optional, and so are cornering headlights, and an up/down quickshifter. If you’re feeling spendy, you can also opt for a semi-active electronic suspension system. Heated grips, luggage, and other seats and windscreens will also be available as options.

Like the larger S1000 XR, the F900 XR is aimed at street riding, with 17-inch wheels; front suspension travel is 142 mm, rear suspension travel is 172 mm. The XR has 15.5 litres fuel capacity, and weighs 219 kg at the curb.


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