As expected, BMW’s updated the G310 R naked bike with the same basic tweaks as the G310 GS adventure bike.

For 2021, the BMW G310 R is now Euro5-compliant, the most important upgrade of all, since the bike couldn’t be sold without that update.

However, despite re-tuning the engine, the G310 R still makes almost 34 horsepower and 27 pound-feet of torque. That’s good, because in recent years, some bikes have lost performance when they’re updated to meet new emissions standards. It’s good BMW’s engineers avoided that.

To stop the engine from stalling on start-up, BMW had to program a shot of extra gas into the system right after it’s started. It seems this function disables once the engine’s warmed up, so the bike is still emissions-friendly. This is one major advantage of modern motorcycles moving to EFI and other electro-trickery; budget bikes of the past were notorious for lean jetting that caused start-up problems (the Suzuki GS500 is a perfect example). There’s also a new electronic throttle, which should improve engine response.

BMW put an anti-hop clutch on the 310 for 2021. The engine covers also get new paint, if that matters to you, along with the passenger footpegs and grab handles. Of course, there are new paint schemes for the bike for 2021.

BMW also put LED signals, headlight and taillight on the G310 R, and new adjustable clutch and brake levers. The new 2021 models aren’t on the US or Canadian BMW Motorrad websites yet, but expect pricing to be roughly the same for next season ($4,945 US, $5,500 CAD).


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