If you want to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at BMW Motorrad, you’re in luck. Starting this month, BMW has a new podcast that’s intended to share the company’s stories with the brand’s fans.

The podcast, titled “RIDE AND TALK – The BMW Motorrad Podcast,” promises listeners the chance to “go much deeper into the world of BMW Motorrad than it is possible with any other information channel.” In other words, “Don’t listen to all the other news out there—listen to us.” It’s a timely launch, because in the past few months, it’s been increasingly obvious that manufacturers have lost control of much of the information surrounding new models. Instead of a slow-to-print traditional magazine being the guardian of information, a spy shot of a new bike is spread around the world instantaneously now, thanks to social media and online mags.

BMW was burned by this in a big way last summer, with information on its new R1250 series surfacing well before the bigwigs would have liked.

So, this is an attempt to regain control of BMW’s brand narrative, and a clever one, at that. It can’t stop others from spilling the beans on the Internet, but once information is out there, at least BMW can discuss it under its own terms.

The first episode of the podcast discusses the GS Trophy, the upcoming R18 retro cruiser, and the R nineT/5. BMW promises more episodes “on the regular,” and says the podcast will be available at Spotify, Deezer, Sound Cloud, Apple Podcast and Android Podcast.


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