Last fall, when BMW revealed the Definition CE 04 electric concept scooter, the company strongly hinted we’d see a production-ready version soon. This morning, BMW followed through, releasing the CE 04 scooter in Europe. It’s supposed to be on the market in early 2022, although we haven’t seen an exact price listed yet.

BMW says “With its electric drive, a forward-looking design and innovative connectivity solutions, the new scooter merges transport and communication functions into a new brand of personal urban mobility.” Translation: This is a funky-looking electric scooter that’s aimed to integrate with mobile devices, making navigation easier.

The liquid-cooled electric motor makes a maximum of 42 horsepower at 4,900 rpm and 44 pound-feet of torque at 1,500 rpm (normal running output is less, reportedly around 20 horsepower). That’s far behind the stonkiest electric superbikes on the market, but more than many of the piddly commuter-scooters that are aimed at replacing the 50cc market. BMW says the CE 04 can hit 75 mph, meaning highway usage is possible, even with two riders.

The electric motor also has a reverse mode, for easier parking lot movement.

Over the past couple of years, BMW has invested considerable money into battery research, including a giant R&D program aimed at improving EV batteries. Initially, autos were the prime beneficiaries of this program, but BMW says the tech is trickling down to the CE 04. The 60.6 Ah li-ion battery was designed for optimal cooling, with “particular attention to the quality and durability of the batteries to ensure the rider is able to make full use of the range even after many years of service life.”

BMW says the new air-cooled battery has 80-mile range. That’s likely 80 miles of urban riding, where the scooter’s regenerative braking and “engine braking” systems recharge the battery. That’s right—if you’re coasting on the CE 04, a regenerative system puts energy back into the battery and offers rear wheel resistance, feeling like an internal combustion engine.

The battery will recharge from a standard wall outlet, or Level 2 charger. BMW offers an optional Level 2 charging cable, which reduces recharge time from four hours, 20 minutes to one hour, 40 minutes, for a 0-100 percent charge. A 20-80 percent charge only takes 45 minutes with the Level 2 charging cable.

The CE 04 also comes with BMW’s latest electronic rider aids. Standard ABS and traction control are … standard, along with Rain, Road and ECO riding modes. Users can upgrade to leaning-sensitive ABS and traction control, as well as Dynamic riding mode.

BMW put all-round LED lighting on the CE 04, with a cornering-sensitive headlight (that “sees into” corners at night) available as an option. There’s a 10.25-inch TFT screen “with integrated navigation and extensive connectivity.”

Front suspension travel is 4.3 inches, rear suspension travel is 3.6 inches. The CE 04 rolls on 15-inch wheels, and has a steel frame. Claimed unladen weight is 509 pounds.

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