BMW Motorrad is rolling out (pun intended) its new complete carbon fiber wheelset for the BMW S 1000 RR hyperbike.  BMW says that it’s new M Performance carbon fiber wheels “are an ideal area of application for the carbon fiber material.”

As with anything carbon fiber related, the process for manufacturing the wheels is quite complex.  Ultimately, the process uses high-pressure furnaces called autoclaves to cure the wheels and make them ready for the final product.  This process takes a significant amount of time and labor and adds to the wheel’s manufacturing complexity.

In the end, the M Performance carbon fiber wheels weigh less than BMW’s standard aluminum wheels.  The lower weight means less rotational mass, improved acceleration, better braking behavior, and easier handling.  In short, BMW claims that bikes equipped with its M Performance wheels are “even more agile and dynamic.”

The new wheels are 1.7kg (3.74lb) lighter in total that BMW’s standard aluminum wheels.  That’s significant because BMW says the standard aluminum wheels were lightened by 1.6kg when the S 1000 RR was relaunched last year.

The new wheelset comes with all parts necessary for installation on your S 1000 RR.  The kit contains 5 mm thick brake discs (standard: 4.5 mm), sensor rings, wheel bearings, and tire pressure control valves.

Wheelsets are now available at BMW Motorrad dealers  (released August 1, 2020).  Pricing may vary from market to market so you will have to get a price quote from your local dealer.  One thing is for sure, they won’t be cheap.  But if you are looking for more performance from your BMW S 1000 RR, BMW’s M Performance carbon fiber wheelset may be just the thing you’re looking for.



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